Our History

Grace International began out of one church in Long Beach California in 1934. O. C. Harms founded Berean Chapel and as the congregation grew with many coming to the Lord, growing numbers were also called to the ministry. The congregation quickly outgrew the Berean Chapel facility, a new larger facility was built, and the name was changed to Colonial Tabernacle. Colonial would become the mother church and headquarters for a new church organization called California Evangelistic Association. As couples were called of the Lord into pastoral ministry and trained by Pastor Harms, they were sent out of Colonial to other cities in Southern California to plant churches. Churches were then planted in Oregon and Washington, and the name was changed to Christian Evangelistic Assemblies. Additional churches were planted in Arizona and Texas and today there are churches in 15 states. Another name change to Grace International reflected the rapidly growing global family of churches and ministries as the membership of the more than 4,900 churches now exceeds 498,000 people.

Eighty eight years of kingdom growth that began in the heart of one man in 1934, now continues to the nations of the world. In eighty eight years, we have been led by four presidents, O. C. Harms, R. H. Harms, Orvel Taylor, and our current President, Steve Riggle. The first headquarters office building on Redondo Ave in Long Beach, along with the Colonial Tabernacle church site was sold many years ago with the intention of using those proceeds to establish another headquarters location. With our new Global Headquarters facility, that commitment will now be fulfilled. This new headquarters facility will appropriately be a memorial to our visionary founder, O. C. Harms. To God be the Glory!